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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
We’re so happy! We can restart again our agency after this long period… and we can accept your reservation request for June!
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Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

In these extremely challenging times, I would like to share our heartfelt support and solidarity with you. At Diamond Elite Models, the health and safety of our models, colleagues, customers and partners in which we operate is our number one priority. We have a more than 7 years legacy of responsible business and we are committed to doing all we can to keep everyone safe.

As governments around the world are implementing measures to contain this public health crisis, we have been taking strict precautions to protect our models.

We are following the advice of all governments and public health authorities. To best protect, we have to temporarily suspend our service until 1th of September.

We will keep you informed as the situation evolves and thank you for your continued trust.

Warm Regards,
Katarina Smirnova

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Diamond Elite Models is a 100% female owned and managed escort agency operating in beautiful Switzerland.

While many other Switzerland escort agencies have very specific aesthetics that they are looking for, you’ll find that at Diamond Elite Models, we are much more flexible and open-minded, and recognise that different clients have different tastes and attractions.

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Quarantine is a challenge when you live alone.

Living by yourself brings its own set of challenges when you’re stuck inside…

Being ordered to shelter in place doesn’t sound so bad if you are confined at home with your loved ones. Sure, there will be issues with space and boundaries, but there is also the opportunity to enjoy the kind of quality family time that is impossible with typical work schedules.  

For people who live alone, however, even those who usually claim to love the solitude and independence can find the experience challenging.

Home Sweet Home or House Arrest

We all know people who would rather stay in than go out. Some of them have lived alone for years, and would not have it any other way. Some are homebodies by nature; others work long hours and view home as a sanctuary, a place to escape the pressures of the day. For these people, when state and local governments announced restrictions ordering people to stay at home in the wake of the Covid 19 outbreak, they did not need to be told twice. Safely sheltered in place, they are content—as long as their paychecks permit. But unfortunately, not everyone who lives alone feels this way. While happy loners are occupied with teleworking, television, or transforming their garage into a makeshift home-improvement studio, some singles are miserable. For people prone to feelings of loneliness, quarantine feels like house arrest. Reviewing past research, there is precedent for this perception.

For singles, even those not predisposed to feelings of loneliness or depression, support is available through remaining socially engaged while physically distant. Thankfully, there are currently many ways to enjoy faith, family, and friends from afar. 

Sharing the Great Outdoors

Many people who are taking regular walks or bike rides report never having seen so many pedestrians out and about, waving and greeting each other from safe social distances. Weather permitting, many people taking advantage of the great outdoors not only report feeling the health benefits themselves, the consistent exercise benefits pets as well. And people seem to be particularly outgoing when their social lives are curtailed: Walkers, joggers, and bikers marvel at how approachable (figuratively speaking) other pedestrians seem to be during this challenging period.   

Sharing Resources 

With the proper precautions and sanitization procedures, people are encouraged to share resources. Ideally, by the time most people decide to play it safe and stay home, they are stocked up enough to be comfortable, but not overloaded. Many experts reminded us that there was no need to buy 100 rolls of toilet paper, because stores are restocking, not going out of business. But if you already went overboard and find yourself overstocked, share with others in need. This is a welcome act of charity, and also gives you an opportunity to meet new neighbors and make new friends.  

Sharing Virtual Space

Some people routinely conduct online meetings and conference calls in a professional setting. But on a personal level, even tech-savvy singles are cautious, but curious. With almost every type of social group now offering online events, why not go? From virtual happy hours to church services to book clubs and exercise classes, there are gatherings and get-togethers every day of the week.

Some singles personalize the experience by dressing up for a virtual night out on the town and angling their computer screens to frame a carefully staged backdrop, in order to capitalize on first impressions. For others just dipping a toe in the water, audio-only options afford a method of easing into a new social group at a slower pace, using a well-designed, attractive avatar.  

Savoring Surviving Solo 

Social distancing does not mean flying solo. Although virtual company is obviously no substitute for the real thing, the plethora of options today allows people to remain safe at home, but socially engaged. Singles who tout the benefits of living alone have the benefit of both worlds.  

Full Article:


[i] Cava, Maureen A., Krissa E. Fay, Heather J. Beanlands, Elizabeth A. McCay, and Rouleen Wignall. 2005. “The Experience of Quarantine for Individuals Affected by SARS in Toronto.” Public Health Nursing 22 (5): 398–406. doi:10.1111/j.0737-1209.2005.220504.x.


Diamond Elite Models is a friendly and professional female-run agency providing escort services to gentleman in Switzerland, UK & UAE.
We have an excellent reputation for nurturing and looking after the ladies that work for us.

  • You must be at least 21 years of age to join our escort agency.
  • We need to see recent photographs that have not been through photoshop.
    Please do not send in old photos that no longer accurately represent you, or photos with your face cropped or blurred.
  • It is also important that you are legally entitled to work in the UK & SWITZERLAND and that you speak fluent English.
  • Under no circumstances will we deal with managers or consider applications from ladies that are represented by third parties.
    We accept applications from independent business women only.
  • We need you to be intelligent (as in good common sense, not a PhD!), polite, honest, be in good physical and mental health and have a friendly and well-grounded personality. It is incredibly important that you are able to relax and have fun with people from a variety of different backgrounds.
  • Lastly, you need a very good work ethic. Escort work involves a lot of evening commitment and driving, so be prepared for the slog if you want to reap the rewards. You MUST be ambitious, business-minded and understand that you will need to make an investment in professional photographs.

We are a successful escort agency and we look forward to hearing from you. You will find us friendly and fair and our number one priority is very much your safety and well-being. If you are new to escorting, we can provide you with all the help and support you will need to succeed in this line of work.

How To Apply

All we require at the initial stage is an email to answering all of the questions below and attaching the correct photos.

Emails with missing info or with incorrect photos are ignored so make a massive effort to get them right.

Be sure to include answers to ALL of the following in your email:

  • Your name
  • Your real age
  • Your phone number
  • Your nationality (we don’t mind what this is, but your English must be excellent)
  • Your location in Switzerland, UK & UAE
  • Confirmation that you have a drivers licence and car
  • Dress size / bust-waist-hips / description of any tattoos
  • Tell us more about yourself (occupation, education, interests and experience if any)
  • Attach up to 5 photos – these must be recent and should really be taken specifically for us

It can take several days for us to review application emails, and we will be in touch as soon as we have done so.


Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

In these extremely challenging times, I would like to share our heartfelt support and solidarity with you. At Diamond Elite Models, the health and safety of our models, colleagues, customers and partners in which we operate is our number one priority. We have a more than 7 years legacy of responsible business and we are committed to doing all we can to keep everyone safe.

As governments around the world are implementing measures to contain this public health crisis, we have been taking strict precautions to protect our models.

We are following the advice of all governments and public health authorities. To best protect, we have to temporarily suspend our service until 19th April 2020 or maybe end of April 2020.

We will keep you informed as the situation evolves and thank you for your continued trust.

Warm Regards,
Katarina Smirnova

The Couple Challenge

5 ways to survive being quarantined with your partner, according to a couple’s therapist…

Being confined together can be difficult for any couple. Add in stress over the outbreak of an illness, and you might find it even harder.

  • Amy Morin is a psychotherapist, licensed clinical social worker, mental strength coach, and international bestselling author.
  • As a therapist, Morin has counseled many couples through challenging experiences in their relationships. 
  • With the spread of the coronavirus, there’s a growing chance that you and your partner may be required to work from home.
  • This increase of close quarters may be welcoming for some couples, and stressful for others — here’s 5 ways to handle the situation. 
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Being confined to a small space together can be quite stressful for any couple. But add in the stress of the outbreak of a potentially life-threatening illness, and you might find even further trouble tolerating one another.

Fortunately, there are some ways to help one another get through quarantine. Here’s what you can do to ensure that your relationship survives being confined in a small room together:

Help each other deal with the emotional rollercoaster

divorce angry frustrated couple
Emotions will come in waves.

From anger to fear, the quarantine will likely stir up a lot of emotion. And you might experience these emotions coming in waves.

You may find yourselves laughing one minute and crying just a short time later. And of course, you’re likely to be bored and frustrated in between. This is all normal when faced with such a highly stressful and unfamiliar situation as quarantine. There’s little known about what to expect, what might happen, or when you will be able to leave.

Help one another ride this emotional rollercoaster. Rather than minimize your partner’s feelings by saying, “Oh there’s nothing to be scared about,” say things like, “I know this is a scary situation.” Just knowing that you’re listening can provide a big sense of relief for your partner.

Focus on being kind and respectful

couple travelling together
Remember why you care about your partner.

Any stressful situation can cause you to grow a bit irritable and snarky with one another. But under normal circumstances, you can walk away and take a break. Obviously, you can’t do that when you’re quarantined in the same room.

Make it a goal to treat your partner with kindness — even when you don’t feel like it. Apologize when you are unkind, and forgive your partner for being rude at times as well.

Keep in mind that even though there aren’t a lot of things you can control when you’re quarantined, one thing you can control is how you treat one another. So make it a goal to remain kind and respectful despite feeling stressed out.

Practice healthy coping skills

Gay couple same sex dating flirting
Use simple ways to manage your stress.

When you’re quarantined, you won’t have access to many of the coping skills you’ve likely grown accustomed to in managing distress — like walking around the neighborhood or going for a drive to listen to music. Consequently, you might find yourself feeling a bit helpless when it comes to managing your mood.

Fortunately, there are some simple coping strategies you can turn to even when you’re quarantined. Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, drawing, listening to music, reading a book, or just pacing around the room might decrease your stress and help you feel better.

Work on managing your emotions so you can be the best partner you are able to under the circumstances. Talk about the skills that are working for you, and offer to assist your partner if he or she is looking for some quick ways to regulate their mood as well.

Look at it as an opportunity to grow closer

Use it as an opportunity to spend quality time together.

Early on in your relationship, chances are that you couldn’t get enough of one another. And being locked in a small, private room together may have been a dream come true at the time.

While you may no longer have the intense desire to be inseparable at this point in your relationship, you can still look at it as an opportunity to grow closer. Of course, you might not be feeling all that romantic as you stay locked behind a door that is meant to protect from a potentially lethal illness. But even so, you can use the time you have together to the best of your ability.

You will have plenty of time to talk, get to know one another on a deeper level, and spend quality time together. You might as well turn it into time that grows your relationship. Talk about things other than the illness you’re trying to prevent. Discuss your future goals, any lessons you’ve learned from being quarantined, and any things you might want to change in the future.

Think about the story you’ll have down the road

Romantic couple sitting at Limmat River Quay and looking at Grossmunster Church in Zurich, Switzerland
Put things in perspective.

One of the best ways to get through a stressful situation is to imagine yourself talking about it in one year or even five years into the future. It can help you look at the present with a slightly different perspective.

Of course, right now quarantine will feel stressful — and time might even feel like it’s standing still. But sharing how you survived being quarantined together is definitely going to make a good story down the road.

Talk to your partner about how they envision themselves sharing the story too. And together you’ll build mental strength as you combat this stressful situation together.


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