What can you expect from an Italian escort?

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Italy, even more so than France, is the country of love. Italians know how to love and appreciate beauty in everything, from music, to art, to food, to wine, to people. They are passionate and have a fiery Mediterranean spirit that allows them to enjoy extreme highs and extreme lows in equal measures, under the understanding that the lows will never last long anyway. It is not for nothing that the phrases “la dolce vita” (the sweet life) and “la bella vita” (the beautiful life) are such famous expressions that are known and used all over the world. So what can you expect from an Italian escort?

1 – They Look Great and They Know it!

Italian women are notoriously beautiful, even without fancy clothes or makeup. However, Italy is also one of the true hearts of fashion, so the women know how to accentuate their natural beauty with fantastic clothes as well. It seems that this is something that they were either born with, or that was spoon fed to them from being young. When you are in Italy, you will never find a woman who is badly dressed, regardless of their age. The best thing is, however, that Italian women know they are beautiful. This gives them a type of confidence that borders on arrogance. They know they will turn heads and they know they can get, and deserve nothing less than, the best. So if you have an Italian escort on your arm, everybody will immediately know that you are in fact the best.

2 – They Are Incredibly Passionate

It is a known fact that women are far more emotional than men. However, Italian women take this to a whole new level. They have true emotional intelligence and they can read you and your emotional needs like a book. Sure, they can also cry buckets reading a Hallmark card, but they will make sure the Hallmark card you end up receiving is exactly the one that is right for you. Additionally, they love to express their emotions physically, which is great if you have booked an escort.

3 – They Love to Eat

Finally, Italian women love food. They truly live for it, spend ages discussing it and love scrutinising menus. No rabbit food or celery sticks for them. They want something that has flavour and that will give them true pleasure and enjoyment. An Italian woman focuses on the quality of the food, rather than on the quantity. Hence, she would rather eat a small lobster that is cooked to perfection and be left somewhat hungry, than to purchase a cheap supersized meal from McDonald’s. Clearly, you need to be ready to wine and dine your Italian escort, but at least you will see her enjoy what she is eating, which makes a pleasant change from other women, who pick at their food and leave most of it untouched, just because they worry about their weight.

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