Why I don’t show my face as a female escort…

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As you can see, some of our models on the site, don’t want to show their faces…They have different raison, but mostly: because our VIP premium selection includes a number of international models, film and TV stars, whom we are very proud to represent. Due to our history and reputation for integrity and discretion, we can also arrange liaisons with many models and stars who are not listed publicly on our website for obvious reasons! You would be amazed at the access we can provide to some of the most famous faces in the world.

But we have students, managers, stewardess etc who can’t show their faces but they are happy to join you and spend an unforgettable evening with you… When I asked them, the answer is often: “I don’t show my face for the obvious reason – privacy. However, privacy alone is not the only factor. Maintaining my anonymity is important not just for myself, but also for the men who are my clients…”

Such as for example Chloe: “I don’t show my face in my recent and real pictures because as an occasional high class companion I need to be discreet on my private life. But believe me when I say that you will really enjoy my pretty face, bright features and my very communicate and sensual eyes…”

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