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claire-3Over the past years we have been asked my number of new clients why they should choose a VIP Escort over a lower priced Escort. Their argument is that a lady is a lady, and why should anyone pay more for the same amount of time? Whilst it might be tempting to accept such logic, let us explain the difference between a real VIP Escort and others who make themselves available for companionship in exchange for a donation.

Before we go ahead we want to let you know that price on its own does not decide upon the quality of service and time spent with a lady. Over the years we have meet ladies as well as gentleman who overcharge and the service you get in return is certainly not worth the money. This is why we do not categorise our featured independent escorts based on their rates, but rather based on their overall service, friendliness and looks.

So who are the VIP Escorts found in our VIP and also Elite section?

The ladies  who can be found under this prestiges category are ladies who have a talent others do not have. They all pay attention to detail, only accept a limited number of bookings a day to prepare for each single date. These gorgeous girls want to get to know their clients, and most importantly wish that the customer feels that they have received exceptional value for their rate and hence return in the near future. The logic is quiet simple, you will receive a greater number of assignments as Escort if you offer your time for a lower rate, and the supply of new clients is – at least for sometime – infinite. No matter whether or not your service is good or bad. Of course, clients will become less once there are negative reviews on the web that discuss the Escort and her services. Fortunate for the Escort, there are many people who do not bother reading reviews, and there is a great amount of tourists visiting Switzerland, so there will always be a demand.

For VIP Escorts, on the other hand, there is only limited demand, as their donations are usually higher compared to less expensive companions. This results in better service, as you want clients to return. With a VIP Escort you will be spoiled. Perhaps you have a special fetish or clothing request you want your companion to fulfil. To give you an example, if you would like your escort to wear Jimmy Choo shoes, an elegant and fitting dress as well as fully fashioned stockings you probably need to settle for a VIP Escort. If you wish to meet an escort who is educated and knows how to entertain, who is able to keep up with more sophisticated conversations, whilst being kinky, into her job and who understands your needs and eager to fulfil your desires you need to book an appointment with a VIP Escort.

The great benefit of meeting VIP Escorts is the overall experience. The bottle of bottle of chilled champagne that is ready when you enter the door, so you can enjoy a glass and good conversation to get to know each other better before continuing to the more pleasurable bits. You will be welcomed by a beautiful woman who wears attractive cloth, expensive underwear to tease and who is eager to provide you with an unforgettable experience that can hardly be matched by any lady who is looking for a great quantity of clients. You are about to get to know a companion who wishes to know you better, so that you leave satisfied each time. Only when you feel that you wish to return and that you received great value for your donation our VIP Escorts are happy.

Hope this clarifies why we as VIP Escort Agency recommend VIP Escorts.