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svetlana2A Guide to Escort Etiquette II.

This is for the men who have never hired an escort before, and are seriously considering making that first call…

Q: I’m a very private person. Do you really need the screening information before we meet?
A: Absolutely. Safety and discretion are our top priorities. Screening allows us to feel comfortable before we meet, and we will never compromise our safety. Do not forget that confidentiality is the essence of our friendship. It cannot be compromised no matter what. I’m accustomed to dating high profile individuals and I know discretion is paramount. Your personal info is for verification purposes only, it will be deleted immediately after connection has been made. If you are not comfortable emailing your info I am happy to take it over the phone.


Once your Escort has answered your initial email or called you. Now comes the verification phase. I don’t mean your driver’s license I mean escort references. If you’ve never seen an escort and have no references, then the escort you are trying to book is going ask for information that will appease her concerns that you are not some police officer or other government agency trying to entrap her. She will also want to make sure you do not have a bad reputation for ripping off or abusing escorts.

Therefore the escort is going to ask for what seems like personal information, work phone, company name. Don’t fight it. She’s merely trying to protect herself and her clients (perhaps soon to be you) from potential problems. Keep in mind she wants to make the appointment too and has a vested interest in “discretion.” Some escorts ask for a little information, some ask for more. If you refuse to provide her with the information you can forget about an appointment with the lady. The Verification is a safety process you normally can’t negotiate. Either you meet her terms and respect her wishes or she will choose not to see you.

There are escorts who will prefer to call on the phone rather than answer your email if you left a contact number and a ‘safe’ time to call. Once this dialogue has been opened now is the time to find out more information about the lady.
Does she have a favorite meal, favorite flower or favorite wine? What kind of music does she like? What is her favorite thing to do? What does she dislike? Now this is assuming, this information is NOT on her web site. There is no greater way to look more foolish than by asking questions she has painstakingly posted on her website.
If this is your first time tell her. She’ll appreciate your candor. Share with her your favorites, likes and dislikes. If you are bit nervous that is understandable, but be a MAN and tell her. Most ladies are fantastic and willing to put you at ease. This is not the time to be shy, bluff your way through, or tough it out!! Finalize the date, time, place and length of your meeting.