How our escort agency can blacklist a model and/ or a client

Most escort agencies have wonderful models and clients. However, from time to time, there will be one who is disrespectful, rude, greedy, stupid, oblivious to hygiene or possesses some other trait that makes it impossible for her to remain on an escort agencies’ model list. And just as there are many types of models, there are many ways that an escort agency may go about blacklisting them:

  • Our escort agency give permission to blacklist a model or client because we don’t want to work them again, for serious reason. We don’t give every model (or client) a second chance in hopes that he was simply having a bad day. If a model (or client) isn’t on her best behavior the first time work with us, we can guarantee that behavior will only worsen the better. 
  • It is very common to find high class escort agency blacklisting their clients for various reasons. When escort agencies blacklist their clients, they do it without notice. Basically, there are various reasons that can make an escort agency blacklist a client. First, a client who wastes an escort’s time will always be blacklisted. During the booking process, a client who calls an escort agency and attempts to engage the manager in unnecessary small talks rather than going through the process will be deemed to be wasting time. Clients or potential clients who contact escorts and ask a lot of questions that are not applicable to the booking process are also deemed timewasters. If a client asks a manager what she is wearing during the booking process, the manager will simply hang up and blacklist the caller.
  • However, some models and clients become argumentative and try to engage us in a discussion about why we won’t work with them. We don’t owe them any explanation. We are brief and concise when we inform a model or a client that she/he is being blacklisted. We refuse to let them drag you into further discussions or arguments about the issue. 
  • We don’t need the extra drama, and it isn’t going to change our mind, so it’s a waste of your time. 
  • We report our blacklisted model /client to our partner escort agencies.
    We share details about our poor experience to save them from a bad experience. We warn them about our model /client, especially if they exchange number or meet behind us. It is important that the another agency schedulers know to no book you any appointments with our blacklisted client and don’t work with our blacklisted models. They also report their blacklisted model and client list to us.