FEEDBACK (Hanna Ellins) by admin

‘Firstly Hanna is very, very hot. The reason I like to use this agency is because they always recommend the best girls available and this meeting was no exception. I feel so lucky to have so many great experiences… I put this down to great service and customer

Hanna is fantastic value for this price. Definitely think she should be in the next bracket up..price wise.
When I saw her she looked so sexy and slick. Definitely model material. Hanna and me really hit of I guess there was mutual attraction… I hope. She kissed me for ages those lips are pumped up and ready for action on anything…lol.
I made Hanna come twice… That was easy..and I loved hearing her and feeling her judder… I had a fantastic hours… My best position was doggy..and the way she pushed back. I truely loved every minute with Hanna. Its got me thinking what duo session might be like with Hanna… I noticed she does one…and the other girl is hot too.. Next time… Drake, Geneva 3/5/2016′

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