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svetlana4If you book an escort to come to your home, apartment, or hotel room, please make sure she has a convenient place to park. Make sure your place and play space is clean and neat so she will feel comfortable. It’s always a good idea to have some beverages available for her, from bottled water, to wine or beer. If you like to drink or need a drink to ease your first time nerves, that’s okay, just make sure you are not drunk when your escort arrives. Unless you have a beard or mustache, be clean shaven, freshly showered, and maybe even a light hint of cologne or aftershave. You may wear clothes or a robe, but do not greet her at the door in your birthday suit.

Some Escorts will only meet you in a public place the first time while others will come right to your room. Even still there are a few who prefer a quick 15 or 20 minutes for get to know you drink the day before. If her site doesn’t cover it, politely ask “What are your first meeting policies?”

This information is what you need to learn, during your communications leading up to your meeting. An important warning here is the lady may have given you her cellular or other contact number. Now is NOT the time to become NEEDY or a phone stalker. Some agencies are very talkative and will call you more than a few times. Others may only call once or twice. Follow her lead and respect her wishes.