Are Cinderella’s Escorts Real?

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Are Cinderella’s Escorts Real? Yes, of course, they are real, but if you asked escort models from there who want to be present on my websites as ‘private profil’, they say: ‘sorry, I don’t know how’s my photos are there and bla- bla- bla. Honestly, I’m tired.

I just crossed out Cinderella’s site again and I was very surprised. Lot’s of models send me daily casting -they wanna work ‘in secret’ or ‘please don’t show my face because privacy is very important for me…’ and if you check Cinderella, many escorts are there. They show there faces and their rates are more cheap than you can book them through another agencies all over the world. If you don’t believe me, just check only Switzerland and you will understand everything. 😉

You can find here the ladies: Cinderella’s Escorts in Switzerland.

I have an excellent news: my assistant will check more intensively all casting what we receive and you can find on our website as vip or blurred faces just the girls who really want to work in secret (secret profile). So, they are really exclusive and you can’t find them on internet. We will continue work with escort models who want to show their faces too. We ask selfie and video from now and you can choose better if you contact us. Why we do it?Because we want you feel VIP if you are working with us or book through our agencies.


In this file photo from it said that Ariana who is from Russia was able to sell her virginity to a Russian businessman for $397,000. The internet somehow wasn’t shocked.

Cinderella Escorts Dubbed the world’s most successful escort agency

A young girl who founded Cinderella Escorts website and sold women’s virginity discusses how she built and ran “the world’s most successful escort agency”

The young lady who owns the escort website who sold many women’s virginity like Abercrombie and Fitch sells pants gave an interview and discussed how she sold her escort business for $79 million. Yes, you read that correctly!! 79 Million dollars WOW!!

She was only Nineteen and her name is Jan Zakobielski, she founded Cinderella Escorts, and she showed proof that over a thousand women would join online daily — We assume due diligence since she sold for that record-breaking number.

Jan’s escort agency of illicit means supplied a vast array of creative services such as high high-class escorts, masochistic escort needs, celebrity ragers, even online marriage. The most coveted of all services was their buy a virgin service, these “escorts” were of legal majority age in their respected countries and were willingly selling their virginity to men around the world.

She was apparently from Romania, (again the internet isn’t shocked) and she weaves a fantastic story like an old tapestry which is funny since she now lives in Germany. Jan released some candid details about who was applying, teachers, soldiers, journalists, actresses and even politicians were all interested in signing up. It’s unclear which side of the signup form these people were on needless to say she sold the business for 79 Million so who cares !!!!

She went on to reveal that her largest transaction benefited was due to a woman from the USA named Giselle. Giselle sold her virginity to an Abu Dhabi businessman for the whopping sum of $3.8 million USD.

Her website was also highly coveted amongst celebrities as she was known to be able to bring together the hottest women for any occasion. Although totally illegal here in Canada her escort agency claimed one of her escorts could go to bed with ten people per event. Can someone say penicillin?

Diamond Elite Models Agency prides itself on social meetups and social introductions. We introduce fantastic high-end women to eligible men who seek the companionship of beautiful women who tease, entertain and socialize with their clients.

The most unbelievable story if we’ve ever read one.

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