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tessa1A Guide to Escort Etiquette I.

If the agency’s escort site has an appointment request form, fill it out, providing them the requested information. This is where many men make their first mistake by not following instructions. If you don’t like an escort’s contact terms or want you do not want to reveal any personal or contact information about yourself then it is best move on.

If they don’t have a request form and only has an email or phone number then use this to initiate contact. For a first email keep it simple. In the Subject Line, use something like… “Hi from Robert” or “Appointment Request from Robert” … this will get her attention to read your email. Do NOT write, ” I need it bad “, “or “Please Do me !” or ” Do you do Greek?, Full Service, or Bareback?” To do so, rest assured you will never get your email read and will automatically end up being deleted, very likely put in her personal blocked list.

Keep your email simple and respectful:
‘Hello, I’m Robert from Zurich . I visited your escort ad and I would like to make an appointment to see your model. I will be in your town from this date to that date. I was wondering if you might have time available during my visit?’
Include your contact phone # and best time to call.

Most escorts are very good about returning respectful emails. You should generally get a response in 12 hours or less. Some escorts have auto-response set up and the first email back to you may be that.

Just because they don’t reply to you right away, it doesn’t mean bad news. If you have no response after 3 days, you may try once more as sometimes emails do get deleted by mistake or overlooked in their junk mail box.