What is a GFE?

According to the Urban Dictionary, a girlfriend experience is what happens “when an escort offers a service more akin to a ‘real’ relationship rather than just sex.” The definition goes on to explain that this experience can include dinner, kissing, movie dates, and more.

Another resource I found described the GFE from the woman’s perspective. She described the experience as an “unrushed, enjoyable, fun, relaxing time that is much like a real date with a sincere, uninhibited woman who enjoys the Experience. There is an emotional and intellectual connection and the outcome depends on chemistry, personality and mutual expectations.”

In the end, I guess it doesn’t really matter which definition you choose to adopt. The point is, you get more than an intimate encounter. Of course, the benefits of this depends on what you’re looking to get from your night on the town. If you want a full blown rendezvous, this is definitely the way to go. If you’re more of a let’s-get-down-to-business kinda guy, you may want to consider your other options.

What does a GFE look like?

Truthfully, that’s entirely up to you and the lady of your choosing. Make sure you talk about this before you settle on a particular provider. In the meantime, let your imagination run a little wild.

If you could have your ideal girlfriend at your door for an unforgettable night in Geneva or in Zurich what would you want to do? Hit the casino and gamble it up? Maybe you’d follow that with bottle service at a mega nightclub? Or perhaps sliding onto a suede couch in a swanky ultra-lounge with a custom crafted cocktail more your style? The point, you curious man, is that your GFE can look like whatever your heart desires, so long as there is mutual understanding and acceptance with the gem on your arm.

How does it work?

Before you get all worked up in man-planning mode, there are a few more things that you’ll want to consider before you decide if the girlfriend experience is for you.

First, you want to consider the costs. Naturally, this “full (escort) service” experience isn’t cheap. Understand that you’re getting much more than what typical Geneva escorts offer. With extended service comes extended prices, gentlemen.

Next, you want to consider your agenda so that you can choose the perfect provider for the evening. Be super clear about what it is you want from your evening. Be honest and upfront when you talk about this with you potential companion. Believe me, any secret agendas will get exposed and will ruin your night. Don’t waste your time, her time, or your money.

 Choosing an Escort

If you’re not ready to have the time of your life after this, then I’m sorry my friend: I just don’t know how to help you. If you are ready, then it’s time to make moves 😉

Once you’ve zeroed in on exactly what you are looking for in your GFE provider and your evening, you have to choose a Diamonds Escort Model.  Because Diamond Elite Models Agency Geneva  is one of the best escort agencies in Geneva and top cities around the country to ensure you have the best quality ladies at your fingertips. For more information about escort models in Geneva, or to peruse your options, give us a call or contact us via mail or WhatsApp.

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