Frequently Asked Questions

DD2Q: Where are you located?
A: Our Models are in Swiss (Geneva, Zurich, Bern, Basel). However, you are free to travel with our escorts to any part in Swiss.

Q: Do you offer In-Call service?
A: Sometimes, but generally No. Our escorts service currently caters to clients who require out-call service only. Out-call to hotels and residence.

Q: Do you offer half hour appointments?
A: Terribly Sorry, we do not offer half hour appointments. Appointments must be scheduled for an hour or longer. We offer a discounted rate when you book an appointment that is 2 hours or more.

Q: How long does it take for the escorts to arrive at my place?
A: It generally takes 1 hour for our Escorts to reach your hotel. However, depending on their current location, it can be a lot faster.

Q: Can we meet at first in a hotel bar?
A: Yes, but payment must be made when lady arrives.

Q: It’s the first time I’m going to meet an escort, and I’m feeling a little nervous.
A: Our ladies will make you feel at ease they have great personalities and in most cases you will feel as if you have known them for sometime. All ladies understand that you could feel nervous but we can assure you that you will have a fantastic time.

Q: If I book a lady for overnight, how many hours is that for? Also, is there anything you require from me?
A: Short overnight bookings are for a period on 8 hours duration (10pm-6 am). Long overnight bookings are for a period on 12 hours duration (7 pm-7am or 8 pm-8am) Hours over this time period are charged at normally hourly rate. We do have a special overnight rate for the 8 or 12 hours please call for further details. Also, during an overnight booking, it is required that the lady be offered refreshments.

Q: How do I prepare myself before the escort arrives?
A: Please ensure you are showered and well presented, as you would for meeting a traditional date. Your chosen escort will appreciate your efforts.

Q: What information do you need from me when I make a booking?
A: For security purposes we need your name, address or hotel details, landline number or mobile number. Utmost discretion is assured at all times.

Q: Which methods of payment do you accept?
A: We accept cash on arrival or if you prefer, you can pay by Internet bank transfer.

Q: Can a lady accompany me outside of Swiss?
A: Absolutely, all our Escort girls loves to travel and experience exotic and vibrant places like with you. However, you must pay for their traveling expenses.

Q: Why are the models faces cropped in their photographs?
A: As much as our models love being your companions they also have a personal life such as school, work, family, etc. Therefore, our models like to maintain discretion and  value their privacy.

Q:Is it possible to speak to a model via phone prior to the scheduled appointment?
A: Sorry, For security purposes we do not allow our models to speak to clients via phone prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Q: Can you email me the models photos?
A: Sorry, but we do not send by email or by via phone requested photos ever.

Q: How Far in advance do I have to schedule my appointment?
A: Please make a researvation online or book online in advance at least 2-12 hrs notice or call minimum 1 hours in advance to schedule your appointment. Same day appointments sometimes are excepted (if models are available).

Q: How and when do I make the payment?
A: You have to pay our escorts as soon as you meet them. We accept cash only at the moment.
(CASH: CHF preferred. GBP, EUR and USD at daily exchange rates.
BANK TRANSFER from 2016: SWIFT international order to our bank account. Our bank details will be transmitted by email.)

Q: What are my options if I don’t like the escort and wish to cancel my appointment?
A: A cancellation fee of 250 CHF must be paid directly to the escort.

Q: Are the pictures of the escorts genuine, real, and recent?
A: All our escort photos are taken within 6 months.

Q: How often do the escorts get a health check?
A: We perform health check-ups on our escorts every 3 months.

Q: Is it possible to communicate to the escort directly via phone or email?
A: Diamond Models Agency has a strict policy of not giving out our escorts contact details. This is for the safety of our escorts.

Q: Is a deposit required?
A: A deposit is required for all dates involving the model travelling outside her city of residence, we request 50% down payment in order to confirm the reservation by bank transfer, and the full travel expenses in advance if the travel is by plane. Balance has to be given in cash to the model on her arrival.

Q: I’m a very private person. Do you really need the screening information before we meet?
A: Absolutely. Safety and discretion are our top priorities. Screening allows us to feel comfortable before we meet, and we will never compromise our safety. Do not forget that confidentiality is the essence of our friendship. It cannot be compromised no matter what. I’m accustomed to dating high profile individuals and I know discretion is paramount.  Your personal info is for verification purposes only, it will be deleted immediately after connection has been made. If you are not comfortable emailing your info I am happy to take it over the phone.

Q: I had a such an incredible time with your model. May I please write a review?
A: Yes. But, I only accept classy reviews. It’s important that any intimate details are outweighed by the overall fun you had, how much you enjoyed my model’s company. If you plan on reading reviews before you meet, remember that each connection is unique and chemistry varies between two people., so it’s best you make your own judgments.

E-mail Inquires

We aim to respond to all reservation requests that has included all verification information with in 12 to 24 hours. We do answer our own email and all emails will get a response. However, if you have not received a response to your email it may be do to the following:
A. You did not send required verification information
B. Your email was rude, vulgar or too graphic
C. We do not waste our time with emails that are short or child like for example “You’re hot” or “I want to see you now!” Will not get a response.

If you are truly interested in meeting us, it is our belief that you will introduce yourself properly and provide us with the required screening information to make us feel comfortable and safe.

If you still have any lingering questions that my FAQ’s hasn’t answered, feel free to ask. I’m looking forward to your email! info@diamondmodels.ch