If women and men REALLY want: Diamond Elite Models Escort Agency offers a ’50 Shades of Grey’ experience…

50 shades of DiamondWhen ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ debuted as a trilogy several years ago, hotels and escort agencies across the world were quick to offer guests naughty packages inspired by the story — which features plenty of sexy hotel & home rendezvous. Well, now that the film is set to be released in just a couple weeks, Diamond’s also back at it, with Fifty Shades of Diamond packages offering steamy amenities — everything from pleasure kits to ‘Miss Diamond and Red Room of Pain’ cocktails…

For men:

So, if you want to book your next Mistress, everyone could change directly your Lady Diamond… ūüėČ and you will receive an absolute Goddess, worship her at your peril. With her teutonic imperialist discipline Mistress Serena will inflict pain / pleasure on you that you would think was not possible. And this Goddess will demand and receive total respect.
Alice, Lorena, Kelly, Alexa, Cleo, Danielle, Sara, Florentina, Serena and Milena charge from 1000CHF to upwards of  6,000CHF for their professional services, which can include anything from an hour in a hotel to weekends away.

50 shades damAnd for women:

when it comes to what women want in bed, some men are clueless….

However for our Monaco-based escort Damien, it’s his job to know how to please a woman between the sheets.
Damien charges from ‚ā¨1000 to upwards of ‚ā¨6,000 for his professional services, which can include anything from an hour in a hotel to weekends away.

List of toys, fetishes and disciplines: please contact us by e-mail.