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reviewsIf you enjoyed the experience and wish to thank her by writing a good review I suggest you ask her first. If you don’t write reviews then just don’t offer, or don’t promise one and fail to follow up. Some agencies starting out may want the help in developing their reputations and will ask you to write a review. If you’re not comfortable writing one just let her know. Other agencies will not want a review no matter what, respect her wishes here.

Some clients send a short email within a couple of days thanking the escort agency owner for the time spent. This is the polite thing to do and it keeps the door open for future meetings. When dealing with an agency it’s not unheard of to call and let them know you were pleased. After all every legitimate business owner wants constructive feedback.

The follow up doesn’t mean send an email every day, or make a phone call every day either. Just a short thank you until the next time will do. The Bottom line is to treat the escort like a lady, with dignity and the way you expect to be treated. Act with kindness, manners and respect and the respect will be returned by the Companion. If you have taken the time to research and find an escort who fits your needs, there is no reason you should not have an enjoyable experience.
These are the ground rules. Follow them and I assure you a better time with your prospective companions.