ChanelWhat could possibly be better than having a gorgeous escort girl in your hotel room?

Well, we’ll let you into a little secret.  Having a bi-sexual escort girl in your room would be even better, especially if you were with your partner or another escort girl.  How about that for upping the stakes, so to speak.  The beauty of all the girls on this page is that they have absolutely no problem at all accompanying you and your partner on a date or a simple booking in your hotel; or indeed with another escort girl.  The attraction to the same sex with these girls is genuine and deep and you can expect nothing but a positive reaction.  We don’t put girls who “pretend” to be bisexual on this page.

Bisexuality is a wonderfully bohemian quality to have in a woman, and even if you don’t share your evening with another girl you can be sure that the ones listed on this page will understand your needs and desires above many other girls.  For this reason we recommend booking early.  It doesn’t take long for our very best, most discerning clients, to realise where there is true talent in the world of escorting.  We are always happy to discuss individual requirements over the phone too, so if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Many men fantasize about the company of two ladies. Two ladies who are genuinely bisexual. Ladies who are very comfortable with each and can provide plenty of pleasure to each other.

Chanel and Monica

If you are looking for a special escort Geneva – Monica (and Chanel) could be the young lady for you. Monica – escort girl Geneva is originally from France – Stunning, sexy and  bisexual  young lady is here in Geneva for fun, fun, fun!

Monica is a tall slim French beauty. She is a real Model. She speaks fluent English. She has done modeling and dancing. She has a slim leggy body. Monica is lots of fun and loves to please. She receives very good feedback. She does require some notice for bookings so it is best to plan ahead to organise a booking with her.

Chanel is a stunning blonde escort from Switzerland. She speaks fluent English, French and German. She has a slim and athletic body. Long slender legs and a lovely bum. She is fun and charming. She always dressed well and loves to impress her clients.

Whether you desire an elegant companion for a night on the town or an open-minded partner for sexy fun, Chanel will leave you delighted, satisfied and wanting nothing more – except the next time.


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Enjoy life – passionate escort girls by Katrina

Manon 22Diamond Elite Models© Switzerland – Your VIP escort agency in Switzerland

… you will discover that the city of Geneva is home not only to Swiss banks and business, but that there is also plenty of eroticism in the air. You will enjoy every moment of your stay with our sexy escort ladies in Geneva.

Elegant hotels, highly decorated and awarded gourmet restaurant, a variety of cultural events and your sophisticated companion are the ingredients for a sensual adventure with Diamond Elite Models in Geneva. The discreet escorts of our premium escort agency Switzerland are not only open-minded lovers, with whom you may live your most erotic fantasies. Our stylish female escorts in Geneva are also poised partners, who at any event will certainly put you in the limelight. On business occasions, you can rely on the self-confidence of your escort model.

At private parties, your escort girl from our elite escort agency will appear as your long-time friend, and fascinate the other guests with her charm. During a romantic escapade,  your sexy lady from our elite escort agency in Geneva will pamper you in most sensual ways.

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reviewsIf you enjoyed the experience and wish to thank her by writing a good review I suggest you ask her first. If you don’t write reviews then just don’t offer, or don’t promise one and fail to follow up. Some agencies starting out may want the help in developing their reputations and will ask you to write a review. If you’re not comfortable writing one just let her know. Other agencies will not want a review no matter what, respect her wishes here.

Some clients send a short email within a couple of days thanking the escort agency owner for the time spent. This is the polite thing to do and it keeps the door open for future meetings. When dealing with an agency it’s not unheard of to call and let them know you were pleased. After all every legitimate business owner wants constructive feedback.

The follow up doesn’t mean send an email every day, or make a phone call every day either. Just a short thank you until the next time will do. The Bottom line is to treat the escort like a lady, with dignity and the way you expect to be treated. Act with kindness, manners and respect and the respect will be returned by the Companion. If you have taken the time to research and find an escort who fits your needs, there is no reason you should not have an enjoyable experience.
These are the ground rules. Follow them and I assure you a better time with your prospective companions.

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DIVORCE – How An Escort Can Help… by Katrina

dddHiring an escort or an elite companion can be seen in the same way that you may hire another professional such as a doctor or a psychologist. They are there to help you and to give you an enjoyable experience and you are paying them for this service. If you have recently gone through a divorce then you may feel sensitive to the idea of relationships and an Escort may be able to help in the situation.


It is therefore an idea to treat her as a professional that can help you, as long as you are nice to them. Like all professionals, if you are positive and nice to them, then they will be far nicer to you. In this post we will take a look at some of the benefits of hiring an Escort if you have recently gone through a divorce. The divorce can be a painful thing which can leave you feeling sensitive and unwanted. It can be difficult to develop a new relationship if you are feeling like this and your sense of self may have been crushed if the divorce was a messy one.

In this situation, hiring an Escort can be a positive thing, as it can break the feeling that you may have felt when you were getting a divorce and rejection, and will give you more confidence in yourself as a lover. The escort can help you get laid and can bring you back into the world of dating and relationships effectively. They will do this by providing you with comfort and care on many different levels, as well as offering a way in which to get laid, without having to visit bars or clubs and risk further rejection.

Some individuals will feel uncomfortable with the concept of paying for an Escort. The reality of the situation is that when you pay for an Escort, you are actually getting a very good deal and will be treated to a woman who is far better looking than the average person that you will meet on the street. An Escort will also be far more skilled within the world of sex and will be able to offer a higher level of comfort on a professional level.

The other benefit about an Escort is the fact that it is convenient. This means that you will be able to gain access to one whenever you want, and will also get a choice of different females to choose from. You therefore have far more control over who you spend time with, and will be able to enjoy yourself because of it vision…

How An Escort Can Help…

Escorts are helpful in recovering after divorce or other form of personal emotional loss. You can tell escorts personal secrets that you’d never tell your closest friends. Maybe your looking for a permanent relationship. You’re lonely as hell and you want that special someone to settle down with so you can have kids and live happily ever after.

The problem is that you haven’t gotten laid in so long that when you go out on a date you can’t control yourself and you come on too quick. This messes things up and you get rejected and you’re just that much more love-starved and depressed the next time. An escort can help break the cycle of rejection. You get laid a few times, feel better about yourself, and when you go out on a date you don’t feel you have to get laid. You can take the time to let the relationship develop and have a better chance of finding “true love” than if you weren’t seeing and escort. And you may have learned a few tricks in the mean time that make you a better lover and contribute to the relationship. When you’re with an escort, you’re going to get laid. You don’t have to worry about “if” because that’s not an issue anymore. You don’t have to deal with all the other bullshit because that’s not part of the package…

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svetlana4If you book an escort to come to your home, apartment, or hotel room, please make sure she has a convenient place to park. Make sure your place and play space is clean and neat so she will feel comfortable. It’s always a good idea to have some beverages available for her, from bottled water, to wine or beer. If you like to drink or need a drink to ease your first time nerves, that’s okay, just make sure you are not drunk when your escort arrives. Unless you have a beard or mustache, be clean shaven, freshly showered, and maybe even a light hint of cologne or aftershave. You may wear clothes or a robe, but do not greet her at the door in your birthday suit.

Some Escorts will only meet you in a public place the first time while others will come right to your room. Even still there are a few who prefer a quick 15 or 20 minutes for get to know you drink the day before. If her site doesn’t cover it, politely ask “What are your first meeting policies?”

This information is what you need to learn, during your communications leading up to your meeting. An important warning here is the lady may have given you her cellular or other contact number. Now is NOT the time to become NEEDY or a phone stalker. Some agencies are very talkative and will call you more than a few times. Others may only call once or twice. Follow her lead and respect her wishes.

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ddddEscorts services provide people to be with for a variety of reasons…

A salesman comes to town to exhibit at a trade show. He needs to meet with people and needs extra help passing out literature from his booth. An attractive intelligent escort helps draw customers to his booth while he talks with interested clients.

A man is invited to a business dinner where everyone is bringing a date. His female friends are unavailable for the evening so he calls an escort service.

A man is about to get married. His buddies throw a bachelor party for him. They hire an escort to strip for him and lap dance.

A man is confined to a wheelchair. Once a month he calls an escort to spend some time with him. She talks to him, kisses him, and provides him with physical female contact. They have become friends and he sees the same escort every month. Other women want nothing to do with him.

A man is very shy and inexperienced with women. He wants to learn but has no female friends who he trusts to help him with his problems. He wants to be able to have a conversation about intimate issues with a woman who knows what she’s talking about and is yet a stranger and not someone he will have to see again if he doesn’t want to. He wants someone who will take her clothes off and show him things a psychologist won’t show him. So he calls an escort.

A guy comes home from work one day and key puts his key in the door and it won’t unlock. A few minutes later a couple of cops come up with an ex-parte order and tells him that his wife filed for divorce and is accusing him of child abuse. He can’t even get his clothes. After several days of living in a motel room he calls an escort because he needs a stranger to talk to, maybe yell at, and someone to let him know that not all women are like his soon to be ex-wife.

An old man just lost his wife of 50 years. He needs someone to hold him while he suffers the loss but doesn’t want to do it in front of anyone he knows. He calls an escort service.

A man isn’t interested in a relationship. He has no desire to get married. However, he does want to be with women and he feels it’s dishonest to allow a woman to think that she has a chance at marriage when he knows she doesn’t. He’s looking for a more limited relationship that fits his unusual lifestyle. He therefore sees an escort on a regular basis.

Escort services offer a variety of companionship… The women who work for our agency make a living at their jobs just like women who have other jobs do. So, yes, they are doing it for the money. But that’s just their occupation. When you hire a mechanic to fix your car, the mechanic is doing it for the money too. It’s the same thing. Your mechanic may be your friend as well and he may enjoy working on your car because you’re a good customer. The same kind of relationship can be established with your escort. If you become a “regular,” you will get to know each other and know what you like to do together — and you will enjoy it more.

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svetlana2A Guide to Escort Etiquette II.

This is for the men who have never hired an escort before, and are seriously considering making that first call…

Q: I’m a very private person. Do you really need the screening information before we meet?
A: Absolutely. Safety and discretion are our top priorities. Screening allows us to feel comfortable before we meet, and we will never compromise our safety. Do not forget that confidentiality is the essence of our friendship. It cannot be compromised no matter what. I’m accustomed to dating high profile individuals and I know discretion is paramount. Your personal info is for verification purposes only, it will be deleted immediately after connection has been made. If you are not comfortable emailing your info I am happy to take it over the phone.


Once your Escort has answered your initial email or called you. Now comes the verification phase. I don’t mean your driver’s license I mean escort references. If you’ve never seen an escort and have no references, then the escort you are trying to book is going ask for information that will appease her concerns that you are not some police officer or other government agency trying to entrap her. She will also want to make sure you do not have a bad reputation for ripping off or abusing escorts.

Therefore the escort is going to ask for what seems like personal information, work phone, company name. Don’t fight it. She’s merely trying to protect herself and her clients (perhaps soon to be you) from potential problems. Keep in mind she wants to make the appointment too and has a vested interest in “discretion.” Some escorts ask for a little information, some ask for more. If you refuse to provide her with the information you can forget about an appointment with the lady. The Verification is a safety process you normally can’t negotiate. Either you meet her terms and respect her wishes or she will choose not to see you.

There are escorts who will prefer to call on the phone rather than answer your email if you left a contact number and a ‘safe’ time to call. Once this dialogue has been opened now is the time to find out more information about the lady.
Does she have a favorite meal, favorite flower or favorite wine? What kind of music does she like? What is her favorite thing to do? What does she dislike? Now this is assuming, this information is NOT on her web site. There is no greater way to look more foolish than by asking questions she has painstakingly posted on her website.
If this is your first time tell her. She’ll appreciate your candor. Share with her your favorites, likes and dislikes. If you are bit nervous that is understandable, but be a MAN and tell her. Most ladies are fantastic and willing to put you at ease. This is not the time to be shy, bluff your way through, or tough it out!! Finalize the date, time, place and length of your meeting.

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tessa1A Guide to Escort Etiquette I.

If the agency’s escort site has an appointment request form, fill it out, providing them the requested information. This is where many men make their first mistake by not following instructions. If you don’t like an escort’s contact terms or want you do not want to reveal any personal or contact information about yourself then it is best move on.

If they don’t have a request form and only has an email or phone number then use this to initiate contact. For a first email keep it simple. In the Subject Line, use something like… “Hi from Robert” or “Appointment Request from Robert” … this will get her attention to read your email. Do NOT write, ” I need it bad “, “or “Please Do me !” or ” Do you do Greek?, Full Service, or Bareback?” To do so, rest assured you will never get your email read and will automatically end up being deleted, very likely put in her personal blocked list.

Keep your email simple and respectful:
‘Hello, I’m Robert from Zurich . I visited your escort ad and I would like to make an appointment to see your model. I will be in your town from this date to that date. I was wondering if you might have time available during my visit?’
Include your contact phone # and best time to call.

Most escorts are very good about returning respectful emails. You should generally get a response in 12 hours or less. Some escorts have auto-response set up and the first email back to you may be that.

Just because they don’t reply to you right away, it doesn’t mean bad news. If you have no response after 3 days, you may try once more as sometimes emails do get deleted by mistake or overlooked in their junk mail box.

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