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Diamonds Packages by admin

Diamonds Packages: more information soon…

Sensual Affair

Sweet hours

A Proper Introduction

Dinner and Dessert

The ‘Diamond Girl’ overnight

A Full Day

Weekend Affair


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Are You Fit To Become an Escort? by admin

Diamond dd3Once you have decided to become an escort, there are many things that you need to consider and evaluate, emotionally, physically, socially and financially. The world of escorting is not like Disneyland, so if you think it is going to be fun all the time, you might be wrong. Like in any other job, this profession requires hard work and dedication as well and your determination to succeed also needs timely and frequent regulation to stay on the top of the league. One of the important aspects or a question, you need to consider as well as ask yourself is are you fit to become an escort?

This question seems pretty obvious when you are entering into the escort industry but the fact is that many of the people take it for granted as they just see the revenue this line of profession can bring, not the bigger picture. To make the amount of money high profile escorts are minting, you need to maintain a standard similar to these escorts as well. This calls for having a good body, good looks, good personality and awesome dress sense. You should be friendly while being professional and sexy while maintaining a line of control, if you know what i mean.

A lot goes into making a perfect escort as the clients can be demanding and every time, you will meet someone who is different from the last and will have different requirements and thus, you should be able to adjust yourself and mold yourself perfectly in different situations. Your attitude will determine how nicely you can adapt as per the requirements of the client. Whether he wants to go to a party, dinner date, a social event or simply hit the room and enjoy intimacy. It seems easy from outside but when you are actually playing escort, you will find out that it is difficult to pretend to be happy, friendly or loving when all you are thinking is to get it over with. Yes, that just might be the case in a lot of circumstances.

To be an escort, you need to be good at what you do. You might have been with many guys during your lifetime personally but when it comes to being with clients who are paying for a good time and a nice intimate session, you need to be really good. Your satisfaction is of secondary value, if at all. It is how the client feels and whether he is satisfied or not that matters. To get the repeat clients who appreciate your services and would not mind referring you to others who he knows, you have to be good with them or simply put, impress them. To be able to impress them will take require one hundred percent dedication towards satisfying their wants and desires and many a times, you just need to understand what the gentleman is looking for without him saying anything to you. This is a good way to make a good impression and as you go further into the encounter, you will have to leave no stone unturned to make sure that he gets what he came looking for.

You will come across a wide variety of clients and things will get really messy and demanding at times. You might even come across clients who are seriously putting you off, but the need of the hour just might be otherwise. Dealing with such situations will need a lot of inner strength and a firm attitude. Keeping yourself well groomed, inside as well as outside is very important to flourish in the escort industry. It pays well for sure but it does take a toll on you mentally. However, with a strong head and perseverance you just might get used to the anatomy of this industry and business. Handling different clients and keeping yourself up to date will not look like a tough job any more, but as you grow in this business and have passed the initial learning-experience phase, you will have to work on maintaining your standards and profile.

Learning from others who have been in this business and checking out their past history as well as the path they chose initially to become successful is very vital to your success as well. Learning from others mistakes so that you don’t make the same will help you keep yourself from situations which might be demeaning as well as dangerous. Keeping your eyes open at all times not only to keep yourself safe but also to learn ways as to how to market yourself and get more business is very important. There are thousands of other beautiful escorts out there ready to take your place and thus, if you are not fit to take the challenges mentioned above as well as many more that you will come across on a day-to-day basis in this business, you will suffer severe consequences later on. Considering all these factors before becoming an escort or preparing yourself for such challenges and situations well in advance, as much as you can, will help you become a smart escort, the one with beauty and the brains and the one who surely has a long way to go in this industry.

If you are ready:

Casting Form



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Le Boudoir de Diamond by admin


OPEN: 3rd November 2016…
…in Geneva…

Ouverture le 3 Novembre 2016…
…à Genève…

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Diamonds Casting in Prague by admin

sexy-fashion-modelDiamonds Casting in Prague

I am looking for attractive, self-confident women, where mutual trust is important. If you are Model, Playmates, Students and want to work as an Escort or you are a very pretty lady looking for fun, good manners and match our criteria, send your application with the following information to:

CV (What have you done so far? Where do you live?)
Personal description (Age, Height, Weight)
5-7 recent pictures-portrait and full body
Your contact details (phone, email)
I will treat, of course, your application with total discretion. After reviewing your application, I will conduct an interview to get to know you better and with targeted questions. I want to get to know if you fit naturally to us with your personality, your goals and your appearance. You can decide whether you want to be on the public website or on the ‘Lounge Models’ Section (Password protected).

I will be in Prague from 26th of June until 1th of July.

Escort Business is a legal industry in Switzerland, no illegal actions would even be considered.

Have a nice day, Katarina

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Diamonds Casting in Budapest by admin

brUsZfQNOhkDiamonds Casting in Budapest

I am looking for attractive, self-confident women, where mutual trust is important. If you are Model, Playmates, Students and want to work as an Escort or you are a very pretty lady looking for fun, good manners and match our criteria, send your application with the following information to:

CV (What have you done so far? Where do you live?)
Personal description (Age, Height, Weight)
5-7 recent pictures-portrait and full body
Your contact details (phone, email)
I will treat, of course, your application with total discretion. After reviewing your application, I will conduct an interview to get to know you better and with targeted questions. I want to get to know if you fit naturally to us with your personality, your goals and your appearance. You can decide whether you want to be on the public website or on the ‘Lounge Models’ Section (Password protected).

I will be in Budapest from 1th of July until 17th of July.

Escort Business is a legal industry in Switzerland, no illegal actions would even be considered.

Have a nice day,

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Casting: Why Diamond Elite Models® ? by admin


Russian escortWhat does Diamond Elite Models® stand for?

Diamond Elite Models® is a reputable and internationally established high-class escort agency based in Geneva. I organize and mediate worldwide exclusive dates for my demanding clients. The ladies represented and mediated by Diamond Elite Models® belong to the most popular escorts in Europe (no meeting in France) and stand out by their attractive appearance, intellect and passion for this hobby. Whoever I represent and mediate is not only someone special, but also given the opportunity to make exceptional experiences. Interesting trips abroad, luxurious hotels and meeting interesting people are some of the amenities of being a high-class escort as well as the remuneration fees.

All escorts of my team have their normal professions or are university students. I have Topmodels, Actress, Dj, Playmates etc also. The sideline as an escort opens a world of adventure and luxury to them. Dining in high-class restaurants is just one part of it, as well as occasional visits to opera houses or theatres. Ladies, who are open for new experiences, enjoy exciting hours, days and nights when becoming part of Diamond Elite Models®.

My customer base is growing continually due to the good reputation of the agency. Therefore, I am constantly looking for attractive ladies, who can adequately fulfill the demands of my upscale clientele. Ladies without experience in the field are also sincerely welcome. I am looking forward to give you good advice, beginning from your visual appearance to perfect table manners. Through my long-term experience as an agency and manageress, I can attune myself to your needs very well and help you to become a distinguished escort.

Why Diamond Elite Models Escorts?

• Because we are a respectable agency with an excellent worldwide reputation.
• Because you set importance on exclusiveness and you want to be represented by one agency only.
• Because we plan your appointments reliably and need no efforts from your side.
• Because we protect your privacy and don´t give your data away.
• Because we are a nice team and we respect your wishes.
• Because we already have many happy regular customers we can place you with.
• Because you can experience exciting hours with men of the jet set and learn to know them.

Our requirements

If you are a natural beauty and have a soft spot for the special things in life, then you came to the right place. If you are also a passionate and erotic seductress, don´t hesitate with your application. You still have questions? I will be happy to answer them via email before hand. Please pay attention to my casting criteria first.

Age and appearance

Because our customers vary a lot and because we attach importance to fulfilling every demand, we are not only looking for young women that fit a certain age range. How often do we meet ladies in our daily lives, which are well over a certain age, but still amaze us with their appearance and sovereignty. The times where these ladies had to hide behind their younger counterparts are long gone. What counts is an attractive appearance and discipline gained through proper care and keeping the body top fit by doing sport. Diamond Elite Models Escort ladies are professionally successful and financially independent as these are intrinsic parts of our agency´s philosophy. We would like to motivate ladies who feel appealed and who are down to earth to join our team. You should apply only if:

• You are of age.
• You are at least 163cm  but not taller than 190cm.
• You are slender with nice proportions.
• You don´t wear noticeable tattoos or piercings (no facial piercings, please!)
• Your appearance is very important to you and you are perfectly groomed and manicured.
• You have perfect teeth and therefore a beautiful smile.
• You draw attention by your attractive appearance.
• You own clothing and accessories for every occasion – varying from a city walk to business meals and gala dinners etc. or you´re prepared to buy them for the job.
• You attach some importance on erotic lingerie and want to extend your collection.

Education and intelligence

Due to the fact, that our customers consist of both international and superior business managers, who, next to the private time spent with you, also attach great importance to having an appreciable conversation in a restaurant or during a trip, we can only consider choosing ladies who

• have a very good general education.
• possess perfect table manners.
• speak very good English. The more languages you know the better.
• are studying or working in a regular job and are therefore an adequate conversational partner for successful business men.

Personal traits and character

Our clients want to experience an easy-going and pleasurable time with you. Therefore, we are looking for ladies who:

• can captivate others employing their charm!
• are neither egocentric nor addicted to profiling themselves.
• got a positive appeal and sparkle with lust for life.
• are content with themselves and do not carry lots of problems around.
• enjoy pampering and being pampered.
• love erotic adventures and one night stands.
• are empathetic and attentive.
• are sincere, honest and reliable.
• are loyal to the agency and other ladies.
• are discreet and secretive.

Motivation and Engagement

Diamond Elite Models Escorts only represents and mediates ladies who are passionate escorts and possess the necessary motivation. Please apply only if

• You consider being an Escort as a hobby, as a sideline to your profession or studies and not financially dependent upon the task.
• You have not been represented by numerous other agencies in vain.
• You are disciplined and reliable and I can count on you.
• Your motivation is the adventure and not just about earning some quick cash.

Your application

You have agreed upon and fit all of my casting criteria and you would like to work with me:

Then send your application to I will handle it discreetly and confidential. As I attach great importance to seriousness, I expect to get the same in return and will only accept detailed applications with a minimum of 2 or 3 full body shots (not older than 3 months) into consideration.

I prefer snapshots showing you as you really are, instead of high gloss professional photos. Of course I will handle them highly confidential, too. Please state your age, weight, place of residence and especially your motivation for the application. You will then receive an extensive applicant´s questionnaire. Please understand, that we request a valid residential and working permit for all ladies who live or reside in Switzerland, but are not Swiss citizens.

With DIAMOND ELITE MODELS HIGH CLASS ESCORT AGENCY, we are always on the lookout for elegant, charming and beautiful women from around the world to work with us and our high-class clientele.

Diamonds high-class ‘swiss quality’ escort service is actively looking for women who love luxury, excitement and pleasure and who would also like to earn a nice income. If you are enthusiastic, between 21 and 35 years of age, size 32-38, and you have a beautiful slim body and a beautiful face with a positive mental attitude then we’d like to talk to you. You must be an EU citizen or hold a Switzerland passport or a work permit to be allowed to do escort work.

If you prefer to send your application by using our questionnaire, please click here.

Your application questionnaire suits us. What happens now?

If I find, that you (according to your application) would fit into our agency, we will organize a personal meeting to get to know each other, find out if mutual sympathy exists and clear any open questions. If need, my photographer will make professional pictures for your profile on our homepage. Should confidentiality be one of your concerns, we can make your face unrecognizable on the photos or publish your profile on a password-protected site. Now the placement, mediation and your adventure as a high-class escort can begin, and we will connect you with interested clients – of course only, when and if you are available.

We act in accordance with your schedule and understand, if you are occupationally bound or impeded by your studies. If you have time for a rendezvous, we will do the complete planning for you, from the booking of your trip up to the billing of the client. Your anonymity is always preserved and your private data is never given to any customer. My concern is that the ladies, as well as the clients, spend an exciting, carefree and fascinating time together. That´s what I and my agency stand for. You want to be a part of it?

I´m looking forward to your application.
Warmest regards,

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High Class Escort Job in Switzerland by Katrina

International Ladies and Students welcome!

Girls, seriously. …. …get a lucrative career and a lifestyle to match.

Calling all hot International university students, aspiring fashion & glamour models, sassy tourists, men’s magazine models and hot local babes. Are you making chf 3000 – chf 8000 per week? If not, then it’s the perfect time to join Diamond Elite Models! We are Switzerland’s newest luxury escort agency and we go above and beyond to promote our high class escorts on an individual basis. There is fun to be had, a glamourous lifestyle to explore and money to be made in the beautiful city of Geneva.

The Switzerland adult entertainment industry is very lucrative depending on how you approach it. So often, beautiful girls seeking to become high class escorts end up struggling to achieve their financial goals because they settle for agencies that offer low rates, don’t promote themselves using state of the art escort marketing tools. It pays to work with the finest as you will soon discover.

What we look for in an Diamond Elite Model/High class escort

our clientele comprises of upper class local gentlemen & couples, elite business men and international tourists with a taste for luxury and demand excellent quality and consistency all the time. We meet these demands by representing luxurious, well bred, educated and sociable ladies. Experience shows that our clientele appreciate the following attributes in a Diamond Elite Model:

• Age: 18 to 35 years young

• Nationality: All european nationalities are welcome and our management team is happy to help travelers with accommodation

• Personality: Sociable, warm and approachable. Girls who portray professional conduct, respectful nature and confidence are highly favoured and get a lot of repeat patronage.

• A genuine fun-loving nature: our clients love girls who are down to earth, witty, flirtatious and capable of holding intelligent conversations on various subjects.

• Loves sex and takes pride in satisfying others

• Exceptionally groomed and well-mannered

What you can expect from Diamond Elite Models Agency

As Switzeland’s luxury escort agency, we aim to offer an unrivalled working environment by correcting the mistakes other agencies continue to make. We offer the most professional representation to elite courtesans, high class escorts and sexy travel companions. Our part of this harmonious working relationship is to provide support, security and training and build your personal client base. Here is what you can expect from us:

• marketing: Since we only work with a number of handpicked high class escorts, we aim to make you accessible to clientele of equal calibre. You will have the privilege of working with the best photographers and will be listed on the best top end Switzerland escort directories. Individual promotion ensures that you will have a well- established client base and a flow of constant appointments. Our experienced marketing managers are also available to cater to your client enquiries.

• National and international tours: Diamond Elite Models have the unique opportunity of touring other states and overseas to maximise their earning potential. All tours and accommodations are organised by us.

• Above industry rates/fees: our agency charges rates from chf 800 – chf 2000 an hour to ensure that your time and dedication is rewarded and that you only mingle with refined gentlemen.

• Privacy: We understand the delicate nature of our business so your privacy and that of your clients is treated with utmost confidentiality.

• Payment: on time, reliable and honest daily payment.

• Training: Full ongoing training is provided and prompt help whenever you require. We book all your photography sessions and provide luxury designer lingerie.

• Client base: consistent flow of regular and new screened clients.

• Great working environment: Our agency doesn’t tolerate the culture of intimidation or exploitation practiced by many other agencies. We are here to work harmoniously with you, not above you or bossy. We don’t encourage drug use or force you to perform unsafe or unprotected services.

We look forward to meeting new ladies and adding to our friendly team of professional high class escorts. If you are goal-oriented and got what it takes, fill in the employment form on our careers page at:

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