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ck0rodkw0aay9xtThe word Shibari, in its most simple tense means “to decoratively tie”. It is an erotic derivative from Hojo-justu which was an older Japanese style of martial art of restraining prisoners of war in the years from 1400 to 1700. Once an enemy was captured, the Japanese Warriors still wished to uphold the enemies honor and never wished to humiliate them. The Japanese Warriors treated them with the utmost respect, tying them up in a way that represented the Samurai Warrior’s honor and status at the time of their capture. Fast forward a few hundred years and the ancient form of respectfully capturing prisoners became not only an artistic form of erotic display but also a beautiful form of erotic pleasure.

Shibari is not just about tying up the willing partner, it is about creating a masterpiece of knots, geometric shapes and complex patterns that stand out and create balance on the partner’s body. The rope used during the play becomes a part of the creator, allowing them to paint a scene on the partner. There are several arrangements that can be created that symbolize various characteristic of erotic play like strength and vulnerability. Depending on the placement and the thickness of the knots created, Shibari can also be used as a form of a sensual massage, creating several pressure points on the body that can loosen up the partner, giving them an overwhelming sensation of pleasure. This type of rope message is most closely resembled acupuncture techniques but also stimulating Chi energy, allowing the partner to relax and recenter their focus, making it easier to achieve pleasure.

Practicing Shibari can be exciting as it allows the couple to push themselves past their “normal” limits and experience a higher level of intimacy.. They are able to play any part: dominatrix, submissive, or both. They can explore feelings of excitement as the rope caresses their body, fear as the knots are being made, setting in the idea of being a sensual prisoner, and mystery as knowing what to expect slips out of mind while the submissive partner lays back and enjoys the adventure, having their body manipulated in different positions. The rough contrast between the harsh, rough rope and the submissive partner’s soft skin are like day and night, allowing the art of Shibari to really shine through.

Typically, those who practice Shibari use several pieces of thin rope to create just wonderful and intricate patterns. The jute rope can be made from hemp or linen and is 6 mm thick. With the aid of the rope, they intentionally manipulate the bodies in uncomfortable positions, pushing the submissive person to the outer limits of their comfort zones, allowing them to experience the painful pleasure of bondage..

Shibari has been know to increase sexual drive, create an ambiance to seduction that is hard to beat and even allow the couple to reach a new level of communication and trust that they would not have been able to experience on their own.

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