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New Diamonds Team , New Casting and booking System


We are looking for new models to our VIP Clients such as Doctors, Engineers, Corporate Executives, Foreign travellers, businessmen, ambassadors, politicians.

Are you that exceptional, beautiful young woman we are looking for?
Diamond Elite Models continuously accepts applications from exceptional, beautiful young women with the talent and drive to transform themselves into elite, prestigious Diamond Elite models that can live the life few women ever dream of.

We welcome your application:
if you have modelling experience, or the looks of a model,
if you are sophisticated and independent,
between 20 and 35 years old,
if you are in perfect health and pursue a healthy lifestyle,
if you are charming, well mannered and articulate,
if you have an open and adventurous mind,
are free to travel internationally on short notice,
if you fluently speak English and/or French (and preferably at least one other European language),
if you have an accommodating and versatile personality,
if you feel comfortable in a variety of social situations and in business circles,
if you thoroughly enjoy spending time with our demanding clients.
If you feel you meet these requirements, apply to join by filling out our model application form. Please review our business rules and practices first.


Your Name
One Natural Photograph of your face
One Professional Photograph of your face
One Natural full body Photograph (preferably wearing Lingerie).
One Professional full body Photograph


Who Are Arrogant!
Who are not on perfect health!
Who are Blacklisted!
Who use fake pictures or false identity!
Who Are dependent on drugs or alcohol!

As a luxury escort, you will meet elegant and worldly gentlemen, as a companionship agency, we provide them VIP companions for events, parties or travel vacations. The discretion is always the most important for us, for this reason and to avoid privacy problems, will be never allowed to ask or provide any type of contact details to our clients.

If you feel you meet the requirements to fit the above profile, apply to join us by filling out the model application form. If for some reason you are unable to do this, then send a detailed mail to Please do not forget to attach a recent and clear picture of yourself, and a photocopy of your ID or Passport.

IMPORTANT!!! Please sign ‘Diamond Models’, today’s date with your hand on piece of paper. Make sure you have a make-up on the verification photo which is as close as possible to the pictures in your profile and also you have the same hairstyle!


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