10 Most Common Fetishes

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Sexual desire is something that is pretty diverse, and we all vary hugely when it comes to what turns us on. When those desires are a little bit more unusual or specific though, we call them fetishes, which can sometimes make them seem a little seedy! Well, they’re not – they’re totally normal, and almost everyone has one. Here are ten of the most common.

Mature Women

It’s no secret that plenty of men like older women – this fetish is called anililagnia. For some though, they’re the only kind of ladies that they find attractive. It’s not hard to see why – they’re confident, elegant and experienced. What’s not to like?


A pornography fetish, or pictophilia, is one of the most common fetishes in the world. After all, what guy doesn’t like to watch porn every now and again? Whether it’s photography or film, this fetish is all about looking, not touching.

Foot fetish

Foot fetishism is a fetish that is often labelled as weird, and for no good reason! Someone with a foot fetish can enjoy everything from looking at feet to licking, kissing and massaging them. They may also be turned on by how feet look in shoes, particularly high heels. If you have a foot fetish, you are in luck – many of our escorts are eager to meet you!


Let’s face it, there’s a voyeur in all of us isn’t there? It’s why porn is so successful. What some voyeurism enthusiasts like though, is watching when they’re not meant to be. It could be anything from peeping at someone getting dressed, or watching them do something even naughtier! Related fetishes include group sex and dogging.


Sadism sounds a lot scarier than it is! It’s simply being turned on by pain. Think whipping, spanking and biting. Those who like it a little rough may be interested in bondage toys, or enjoy some sensory play.

Rubber, latex & leather

Often closely tied in with sadism, rubber, latex and leather fetishes are common in those with an interest in S&M. For some it’s the restrictive sensation of wearing the material that turns them on, while for others it’s all about how it looks on a partner.

Tattoos & piercings

A fetish for tattoos & piercings isn’t that uncommon. Called stimatophilia, it’s all about appreciating how much hotter someone is with a bit of ink. Of course, there are other benefits to certain piercings too…

Role play

A fetish for role play can be pretty wide-ranging. For some, it’s just about dressing up. For others though, the invention of entirely new personas and elaborate back stories can really make their love lives incredible.


Underwear fetishism is exactly what it sounds like. Stockings, suspenders, you name it! It’s as much about the look and type of the underwear as who is wearing it, and so can vary hugely from person to person. If you wish, you can request what underwear your escort should wear.


Domination and submission is an incredibly popular kind of fetish. You can play around with the power dynamic in the bedroom and either feel liberated by submitting, or very powerful by taking charge! This is a fetish that almost everyone has dabbled in. “50 Shades” has massively changed people’s perception of domination and submission.

What’s your secret desire?

So was your fetish on the list? We’d be surprised if there wasn’t at least one thing on there that appealed. It’s normal to want to explore a fetish with an escort – and plenty of our ladies have some specific desires of their own too! If there’s an escort that specialis in your particular fetish, then we’ll be sure to match you both together for an unforgettable night. Feel free to browse through their profiles to find what you are really looking for!

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